Machine Vision System

Welcome to our innovative Machine Vision System - a high-speed optical vision system that automatically detects and captures the image of a running train in motion.

Our system is designed to identify any rolling stock defects that may pose a threat to railway safety and efficiency.

As the train approaches in either direction, our Wayside Mounted Machine Vision System instantly starts capturing images in motion, including Coach/Wagon numbers, which are saved in digital format. Using advanced machine vision algorithms, our system can identify areas of interest on the freight car and analyze each component to determine the presence of rolling stock defects.

  • Utilizes high-speed digital color video cameras to capture clear footage.
  • Can be integrated with existing Hot Axle Detector, Hot Wheel Detector, and Hot Brake Disk Detector to enhance railway safety.
  • Data Interface: POE/USB.
  • Train Length: Up to 500 Axles.
  • Train Speed: 0 to 40 kmph.
  • Built-in watermarking feature ensures tamper-proof recording.
  • Users can export desired portions of video footage (from date/time to another date/time).
  • System takes snaps of individual axles with respective axle number for easy identification.
  • Provides 30-day backup of video data.
  • Users can view live monitoring of trains.
  • All videos are compressed using H.264 for efficient storage.
  • Password-based access ensures only authorized personnel can access the system.

Our Machine Vision System is an essential tool for ensuring railway safety and efficiency. With advanced image capture technology and automated rolling stock defect detection, our system provides real-time, actionable data to railway operators. Contact us today to learn more about our Machine Vision System and how it can help improve railway safety and efficiency.